Barnes Buster Bullets Pittsburgh PA

Local resource for Barnes Buster bullets in Pittsburgh. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to hunting bullets, lever rifle bullets, handgun bullets, Barnes Buster bullet retailers, and lead-core bullets, as well as advice and content on hunting safety.

Pack & Postal Center
210 Mill St
Lancaster, MA
Stewarts Custom Gunsmithing
104 Oakhill Rd
Valencia, PA
Dick'S Sporting Goods Inc
20 Franklin Mill Blvd
Philadelphia, PA
Clayton'S Hunting & Fishing Inc
660 Easton Rd
Horsham, PA
Crones Gunsmithing
279 1/2 Mill St
Danville, PA
Memories Sportsman Shop
702 Main St
Sharpsburg, PA
Burrell Township Rod And Gun Club
(724) 248-9021
Po Box 491
Blacklick, PA
North American Arms Inc
600 W Germantown Pk #400
Plymouth Meeting, PA
Longs Custom Stocks
17 Maplewood Ln
Millville, PA
Chucks Gun Shop
22864 Rt 287 Hwy
Morris, PA

Barnes Buster Bullets

Deep Penetrating Hunting Bullets for Handguns and Lever Rifles.

Barnes offers new heavy-for-caliber handgun and lever rifle bullets intended for hunting bear, wild boar, moose, bison, buffalo and other large—even dangerous—game. The bullet features a thick copper jacket and a heavy lead core, resulting in minimal expansion, deep penetration and maximum weight retention.

This premium hunting bullet combines bone-crushing power with pass-through penetration. Unlike conventional expanding bullets, the Barnes Busters track straight without deflection. These tough bullets are specifically designed to deliver maximum penetration, even in large game. In one field test, a Barnes Buster fired from a .45-70 T/C Encore drove completely through an American bison, anchoring it on the spot.

These cannelured, heavy-for-caliber bullets drive deep through dense muscle and bone. Bullets remain intact—jackets won’t separate from the core. Great for hunting hogs and tough, heavy game; it’s the ideal bullet for those who carry handguns for protection against bears in Alaska and other wilderness areas....

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