Glock Handguns Chula Vista CA

Glock handguns are semi-automatic pistols. See below for gun stores in Chula Vista, CA that give access to Glock pistols, Glock accessories, Glock parts, Glock magazines, and Glock sights, and to learn more about the construction of Glock handguns.

Top Gun 80 Sportsfishing
(619) 397-0563
1543 Oleander Avenue
Chula Vista, CA
Hiram`s Guns & Spirits
(619) 442-5353
660 South Magnolia Avenue
El Cajon, CA
Discount Gun Mart
(619) 276-8730
1510 Morena Boulevard Suite F
San Diego, CA
Hi Pass Sports
(619) 445-4039
2435 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine, CA
Boa'S Minnow Farm & Sporting Goods
967 E Naranjo Blvd
Woodlake, CA
Southern California Gun
(619) 460-3030
8182 Parkway Drive
La Mesa, CA
Topgun Sportfishing
2838 Garrison Street
San Diego, CA
World Gun and MAG Company
(619) 443-9777
9838 Vine Street
Lakeside, CA
Dave`s Guns & Ammo
(951) 737-0904
1338 West 6th Street
Corona, CA
Discount Gun Supply
(559) 264-3884
520 West Olive Avenue
Fresno, CA

Glock's New Generation 4 Pistol

The new dual-spring design makes the gun softer to shoot and should eliminate any possibility of the frame cracking. It may also reduce malfunctions caused by limp-wristing, a problem some shooters experience with the .40.

The smallest grip is the actual frame itself. To make it larger, remove the pin that holds the sear housing in place and push the desired backstrap into place. Replace the pin and the new backstrap is solidly anchored. A longer pin is supplied for the largest backstrap.

Another new feature found on the Gen4 guns is a reversible magazine release button, which is also enlarged so short thumbs can reliably reach it. This reversible button can be switched to the right or left side with no additional parts, which I believe is a real plus--especially for law enforcement agencies that must issue a gun to fit a wide range of hand sizes as well as right- and left-handed shooters.

The Glock has a very large magazine well that makes it easy to reload the gun quickly. Few guns are faster to reload than a Glock, and this new button just enhances that capability....

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Short and Sweet

How’s this for accuracy? Fifty rounds of 185-grain Hornady XTPs fired offhand at 15 yards.
Mustafa Bilal

At first glance, the new Glock 30 SF appeared to address my concerns about the grip size of .45 ACP Glocks. Although it is more compact and concealable than the Glock 21 or a full-size 1911, it still offers 10+1 rounds of .45 ACP punch.

It is a bit thicker than I would like but not so much that it is difficult to conceal. Besides, an extra fraction of an inch in thickness is a small price to pay for a few extra rounds of 230-grain goodness.

Because the frame is still a bit beefy, I was concerned that the 3mm reduction in trigger reach may not be noticeable. But my concerns were unfounded. The difference, while not great, was noticeable right away. Though on the edge of what feels comfortable in my small hands, I could still acquire a solid firing grip with the new mini-Glock....

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The Glock Model 38

As a review for those who have just joined us, the Glock pistol design is a striker-fired design. When the trigger mechanism is at a position of rest, the striker is partially precocked. The amount and percentage of this precocked condition is open to interpretation, but let's just say for the sake of argument that it is precocked a little less than a third of its travel length. With action of the trigger pull, the striker is cocked the remaining distance of its travel before the striker is released by action of the sear and allowed to engage the primer on the chamber round. All Glock pistols are incapable of recocking the striker if the round in the chamber fails to fire. Therefore, the operator must cycle the slide and chamber a fresh round to recock the striker assembly. This process will eject the dud round from the pistol.

(Inset) The magazine for the Glock Model 38 holds eight rounds of .45 GAP ammunition. Finger grooves are molded into the front of the grip section of the polymer Glock Model 38 frame. The Glock Model 38 follows the same size and design criteria as the previously seen Glock 19, Glock 23 and Glock 32.

The Glock system has proven extremely popular with law enforcement, military and armed security worldwide. Much of this popularity can be traced to the design's superb reputation for reliability. The relative low number of parts for the Glock design makes it one of the more reliable semiauto handgun designs on the market for the past two decades. The only instance of a malfunction in all of the testing of the sample Glock 38 was one instance in which the slide locked open prematurely on a partially emptied magazine. It happened only once, and I tend to believe my thumb may have become positioned under the enlarged competition-style slide-stop lever and inadvertently engaged it.

Another big advantage to the Glock design is it operates pretty much like a double-action revolver. Just point the gun at the target, align the sight...

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