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Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company ofKentucky
(502) 568-6100
323 W Main St, Ste 600
Louisville, KY
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States/Provinces Served: Kentucky

Dietrich & Co Equine Insurance
(502) 638-5050
2527 Nelson Miller Pkwy #202
Louisville, KY
Energy Equine Insurance
(502) 244-6986
320 Buckland Trce
Louisville, KY
Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc.
(502) 742-2255
143 Chenoweth Lane
Louisville, KY
Alternate Phone Number
(502) 742-2255
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Glenn R. Gilbert State Farm Insurance
(502) 964-4700
8321 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY

Smith-Embry Inurance Associates
(502) 493-9911
3044 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, KY
Independent Equine Agents
(502) 245-6878
10234 Shelbyville Rd
Louisville , KY
Nolan Insurance Corp
(502) 589-4746
903 E. Chestnut Street
Louisville, KY
Braden Insurance Agency Inc.
(502) 454-9191
3069 Breckenridge Ln
Louisville, KY
Alternate Phone Number
Local Independent Insurance Agents

Reeves Insurance Agency
(502) 448-6226
3616 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY
Insurance Agency

Stolen Guns and Insurance

Are your guns covered if stolen? Now's the time to find out.

March 2003, Artesia, Mississippi. Chris Vickery got the call that his home had been broken into and arrived to find the front door knocked down and a big mess inside. Thieves had made off with Vickery's laptop computers, a camera and various other small items. They also emptied out his gun safe.

"They stole my Ruger .454 Casull, with a scope and a very nice Uncle Mike's shoulder holster," says Vickery. "I bet they freaked out over that great pistol."

Thieves also got a half-dozen shotguns and a rifle. Vickery was understandably upset. But at least, he figured, his valuables were covered by his homeowners insurance policy. Right? Not exactly. He received a check for his computers and camera, plus repair costs for his door....

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