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Far West Gun & Supply
(805) 569-1922
2009 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA
The Trailhead
(805) 963-9308
635 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA
The Divotaide Company
(805) 965-2135
610 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Bicycle Bobs
(805) 682-4699
15 Hitchcock Way
Santa Barbara, CA
Beach Bike Rentals
(805) 966-2282
22 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Soccer
Ucsb Athletic Department
Santa Barbara, CA
Harbor Tackle
(805)962-4720 , (805)962-9276
117 Harbor Way Suite A
Santa Barbara, CA
Hazard`s Cyclesport
(805) 966-3787
110 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Inertia Design USA
(805) 965-6922
131 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Church of Skatan
(805) 899-1586
26 East Gutierrez Street
Santa Barbara, CA

Long Distance Lessons

A short course on extending your handguns range

Shooting sticks are helpful items when you find yourself shooting "out yonder." They are a great aid, especially when grass or brush prevent the hunter from getting in the prone position.

Rifle enthusiasts are not the only shooters who enjoy the challenge of long-range shooting. Handgunners also like to test their skills on long-distance targets in organized competition, informal plinking or varmint hunting. Whether it's a rock, tin can, varmint or steel silhouette, many of us enjoy stepping up to this unique, yet difficult quest.

There are several elements that affect the success of long-range shooting, but first I should probably define "long range." For the shooter with a .25 auto trying to topple a tin can, 25 yards can qualify as long range. For those using most magnum revolvers in a hunting situation, 100 yards is long range. On the silhouette field where any hit that knocks over the target is considered good, some shooters make 200-yard shots look easy.

When shooting long range, knowing the trajectory, or path of the bullet, is crucial. Revolver rounds like the .44 Magnum suffer a great deal in this regard when compared to bottle-neck rifle cartridges. Let's look at a typical situation with a 240-grain bullet going 1,500 fps, which would be a maximum load. With the gun sighted-in at 50 yards, out at 150 yards the bullet will drop an amazing 14 inches, and, depending on wh...

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