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Far West Gun & Supply
(805) 569-1922
2009 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Inertia Design USA
(805) 965-6922
131 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Cachuma Lake Recreation Area
(805) 686-5055
Highway 154
Santa Barbara, CA
RSD Sports
(805) 560-9808
1421 State
Santa Barbara, CA
Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara
(805) 899-4925
117 B Harbor Way
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Soccer
Ucsb Athletic Department
Santa Barbara, CA
The Trailhead
(805) 963-9308
635 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Hill Billy USA- LLC
(888) 682-7757
9 East Pueblo Street
Santa Barbara, CA
The Divotaide Company
(805) 965-2135
610 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Your Tennis Advantage
(805) 884-9650
1213 State Street Suite F
Santa Barbara, CA

Packin' in the Field

The outdoor handgun can be called upon to do things a city gun would not. Here are some options to consider for your field gun.

Packing a handgun in the field is not for everyone. Some may think it too Rambo-esque, while others just don't want to bother lugging a heavy handgun around on their hip all day. However, smart outdoorsmen know a good handgun on the hip beats a rifle in the cabin any day.

Some of the Rodriguez's favorite field guns are (from left) S&W Model 629, Freedom Arms' Model 97 and a Mag-na-ported Ruger Blackhawk.

As a hunting outfitter, I have some special reasons for keeping a handgun close--number one being that I'm sometimes called upon to put down wounded game. But not everyone who reads this magazine hunts. Whether it's hiking, biking, camping, fishing or ranch work, many of us spend time afield, where the potential for danger of the two- or four-legged variety is always present. A reliable, accurate handgun of adequate caliber, in a comfortable holster, is a good way to make sure you're able to stop those pests in their tracks when the need arises.

The most important factor to consider when deciding which handgun to carry is what sort of threat you are most likely to face. Across the country, bears are a big concern, with grizzlies making up an increasingly larger percentage of the problem in the West and have always been a factor in Alaska....

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